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Ethical Hacking Course Curriculum

Course Topics

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to be an Ethical Hacker and concepts
related to CIA triad and cyber laws.
❖ Ethical Hacking
❖ Types of Ethical Hackers
❖ Types of Attack on a System
❖ CIA Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
❖ Cyber Laws

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the essential building blocks
and basic concepts around networking such as introduction, Working, Entities,
Architecture, Models, and so on.
❖ Introduction to Computer Networks
❖ Types of Networks in Networking
❖ What is an IP Address?
❖ Types of IP Address
❖ Role of Port in Networking
❖ What is the OSI Model?
❖ What is TCP/IP Model?
❖ How TCP Works?
❖ What is a Domain Name?
❖ Records in DNS & their use.
❖ What is a Zone File?
❖ What is HTML Request?
❖ What is HTML Response?
❖ Types of Request Method
❖ Capturing and analyzing network packets using Wireshark

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn to set up your hacking lab such as
installing Kali, being anonymous, installing powerful tools and wordlists & so on. In addition
to these concepts, you will also explore the core topics such as configuring VPN, Proxy, MAC
❖ Installing Kali Linux in Virtual Box
❖ Configuring Kali Linux
❖ Installing Burp Suite
❖ Anonymous Configuration in Linux
❖ Configuring Proxy & VPN

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Linux systems, basic commands and
linux file systems.
❖ What is Linux
❖ Cool Features of Linux
❖ Basic File System of Linux
❖ Basic Linux Commands
❖ Practical Linux Commands

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about shell scripting and automating stuff.
❖ Integrating Linux command with shell scripts
❖ Execute permission, chmod, using variable, quotes, Special Variables,
❖ environment variables,
❖ Shell Basic Operators, Decision Making, Functions, Shell Metacharacters,
❖ Shell script with I/O operations, Loops and statements, Arrays.
❖ Concept of piping, Working with functions, String Function, File Handling and Regular

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the essential building blocks
and basic concepts around Information Gathering which can help to understand and
create a blueprint of the infrastructure of an organization that helps in better security
testing further. In addition to these concepts, you will also explore the core topics such as
DNS, Domain, and Zone files.
❖ What are Footprinting and Reconnaissance?
❖ Types of Footprinting & Reconnaissance
❖ Use of Footprinting & Reconnaissance
❖ Footprinting Through Search Engines
❖ Footprinting using Advance Google Hacking Techniques
❖ Footprinting Through Social Networking Sites
❖ Footprinting a Website
❖ Email and DNS Footprinting
❖ Whois Footprinting
❖ NS lookup

Learning Objective: In this module, you will glance over various aspects related to computer
networks and in-parallel delve into understanding the weaknesses & concepts around
securing the networks
❖ Network Scanning Overview
❖ Network Scanning Methodology
❖ Types of Network Scans and Techniques
❖ Scanning Open Ports, Live Systems and its buffer size
❖ Checking for services on ports.
❖ OS Fingerprinting & Banner Grabbing
❖ Countermeasure

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the essential building blocks
and basic concepts around Enumeration such as Scanning, Exploiting, Gaining Access, Ports
and so on.
❖ What is Enumeration?
❖ Types of Enumeration
❖ Default Ports
❖ How to Enumerate NetBIOS?
❖ How to Enumerate SNMP?
❖ How to Enumerate SMTP?
❖ How to Enumerate NFS?
❖ How to Enumerate DNS? etc
❖ Countermeasures

Learning Objective: In this module you will learn how to analyze a system for various
❖ What is Vulnerability Assessment?
❖ Classification of Vulnerability
❖ Stages of Vulnerability Assessment
❖ Vulnerability Scoring Systems
❖ Vulnerability Scanning – ZAP (OWASP)
❖ Vulnerability Scanning Burp Suite

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the essential building blocks
and basic concepts around System Hacking such as Methodology, Creating wordlist,
Privilege Escalation, Steganography and so on.
❖ What is System Hacking?
❖ System Hacking Methodology
❖ Cracking Windows Password
❖ Creating a Good Password list
❖ Escalate Privileges in Linux
❖ Escalate Privileges in Windows OS
❖ What is Steganography?
❖ Types of Steganography
❖ Image Steganography (OpenStego)
❖ Video Steganography
❖ App Steganography (App Binding)
❖ URL Binding

Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad

Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad

Key Points

Cyber Security Institute in Hyderabad

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Ethical Hacking course at Cyber Security in Hyderabad offers a thorough curriculum covering various aspects of cyber security, including penetration testing methodologies.

100% Placement Guarantee

Hands-on Training

Students receive practical, hands-on training through simulated environments and real-world scenarios, allowing them to develop essential skills in ethical hacking techniques.

100% Placement Guarantee

Experienced Instructors

The course is taught by experienced instructors who are industry professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in cyber security and ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacking Course

Industry-Standard Tools

Students gain proficiency in using industry-standard tools and software for ethical hacking and cyber security, enhancing their practical skills and employability in the field.

Ethical Hacking Course

Real-world Case Studies

The training includes real-world case studies and examples to provide students with insights into actual cyber security challenges faced by organizations and how ethical hacking can mitigate risks.

Ethical Hacking Training

Certification Preparation

The course prepares students for industry-recognized certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), ensuring they have the credentials necessary to excel in the cyber security job market.

Ethical Hacking Institute

Continuous Assessment

Continuous assessment and feedback help students track their progress and address areas for improvement throughout the duration of the course.

NetwEthical Hacking Institute in Hyderabadorking

Networking Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to network with peers and professionals in the cyber security industry, expanding their connections and potential career opportunities.

Cyber Security Academy

Career Support

provides career support services, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance, to help students transition into successful careers in ethical hacking and cyber security.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad


The learning objectives of the Ethical Hacking course training in Hyderabad are to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber security threats effectively. Through hands-on training and real-world simulations, students learn to understand the techniques used by malicious hackers and how to counteract them ethically.

The Cyber Security Academy course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of penetration testing methodologies, network security principles, and vulnerability assessment techniques. By the end of the training, students are expected to be proficient in using industry-standard tools and software, capable of conducting ethical hacking assessments, and prepared to obtain relevant certifications to pursue careers in cyber security.

Ethical hacking training in Hyderabad

Course Overview

The Ethical Hacking Course in Hyderabad offered by Cyber Security provides a comprehensive overview of cyber security principles and practices. Students will learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking, including legal considerations and the importance of maintaining ethical boundaries.

The course covers a wide range of topics, starting from basic networking concepts to advanced penetration testing methodologies. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, students will gain proficiency in identifying and mitigating cyber security threats, including malware, phishing attacks, and social engineering techniques. Additionally, they will learn to use industry-standard tools and software to conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests effectively.

Moreover, the course emphasizes real-world applications, with instructors sharing insights from their extensive experience in the cyber security field. Students will have the opportunity to work on simulated environments and case studies, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios, Linux since it is an open-source, free operating system.

By the end of the Ethical Hacking Course In HyderabadΒ , students will be equipped with the skills and certification preparation necessary to pursue careers in ethical hacking and cyber security, making them valuable assets in defending against cyber threats in various industries.

Ethical hacking training in Hyderabad

Course Outline

Cyber Security

The course begins with an introduction to ethical hacking principles and legal aspects, ensuring students understand the ethical boundaries of hacking practices.

Job placement assistance and career guidance

Students then delve into the fundamentals of networking and information security, laying the groundwork for understanding system vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Next, they explore various reconnaissance techniques to gather information about target systems and networks.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

The course covers in-depth studies of common cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, including malware, phishing, and social engineering attacks.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Students learn about penetration testing methodologies, including both manual and automated techniques, to identify and exploit vulnerabilities ethically.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Hands-on labs and simulations provide practical experience in conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration tests on simulated environments.


Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Mode Of Training

Classroom Training

Self Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Placement Opportunities

The placement program offered by Cyber Security for Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad aims to support students in securing rewarding career opportunities in the cyber security industry. Through personalized career guidance, resume building workshops, and interview preparation sessions, students are equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in job interviews.

The institute collaborates with leading companies and cyber security firms to provide students with access to a wide range of job openings and internships in the field. Additionally, the institute offers ongoing support and networking opportunities to help students build professional connections and advance in their cyber security careers.

With the assistance of the placement program, students of Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad can embark on fulfilling and impactful careers in the dynamic field of cyber security.

Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities

Cyber Security

Penetration Tester

Conducts authorized simulated cyberattacks on systems, networks, and applications to identify vulnerabilities and assess their security posture.

Job placement assistance and career guidance

Security Analyst

Monitors and analyzes security threats, incidents, and breaches to protect organizational assets, including data and infrastructure, and develops strategies to mitigate risks.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Ethical Hacker

Uses hacking techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities ethically, helping organizations improve their security defenses against malicious cyber threats.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Cyber Security Consultant

Provides expert advice and guidance to organizations on improving their cyber security posture, conducting risk assessments, and implementing security measures.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Incident Responder

Detects, analyzes, and responds to cyber security incidents, including data breaches and malware infections, to minimize the impact and prevent further damage.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Security Architect

Designs and implements secure IT infrastructures, systems, and networks, ensuring that security measures are integrated into all aspects of an organization's technology environment.


Vulnerability Assessor

Identifies and assesses vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications through comprehensive security assessments and penetration testing.


Security Researcher

Conducts research to discover new security vulnerabilities, develops proof-of-concept exploits, and contributes to the advancement of cyber security knowledge and practices.


Forensic Analyst

Investigates cyber security incidents and data breaches, collects and analyzes digital evidence, and prepares forensic reports for legal proceedings and incident response efforts.


Security Trainer

Provides training and education on cyber security best practices, ethical hacking techniques, and security tools to help organizations enhance their security awareness and readiness.

Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad

Benefits of the Course

Enhanced Cyber security Skills: Ethical hacking training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and address cyber security vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening an organization’s defenses against cyber threats.

Career Advancement Opportunities: Certification in ethical hacking can open doors to lucrative career opportunities in cyber security, as organizations increasingly seek professionals with specialized skills to protect their digital assets.

Understanding of Hacker Mindset: By learning ethical hacking techniques, individuals gain insights into the mindset and methodologies of malicious hackers, enabling them to anticipate and counteract cyber threats more effectively.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Ethical hacking training often covers relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines, ensuring that professionals understand and adhere to industry standards and best practices in cyber security.

Protection of Sensitive Information: Ethical hackers play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive information, such as personal data and financial records, by proactively identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Contribution to Organizational Security: Ethical hacking training empowers individuals to contribute to organizational security efforts by conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and security audits, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and financial losses Anyone can alter.Β 

Who Should Learn the course?

Certifications – Ethical Hacking Course

ethical hacking course in Hyderabad


The importance of Ethical Hacking certification lies in its validation of an individual’s skills and expertise in cyber security. Holding a certification demonstrates proficiency in ethical hacking techniques, tools, and methodologies, which is essential for employers seeking qualified professionals to protect their digital assets. Additionally, certification provides credibility and assurance to clients, demonstrating a commitment to ethical standards and compliance with industry best practices. Ethical Hacking certification also opens doors to career advancement opportunities, as it enhances job prospects and increases earning potential in the competitive field of cyber security.

Skills Developed After the course

Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad


Enrolling in a Cyber Security Ethical Hacking course in Hyderabad was a game-changer for me. The hands-on training and expert guidance helped me develop practical skills that are invaluable in the cyber security field. Highly recommended!
Ethical Hacker
I can't thankCyber Security enough for their comprehensive Ethical Hacking training. The course content was top-notch, and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident in my abilities to tackle real-world cyber security challenges.
Cyber Security Expert
Choosing Cyber Security for my Ethical Hacking training was the best decision I made for my career. The instructors were supportive, and the practical exercises really solidified my understanding of cyber security concepts. I'm now equipped with the skills to excel in this dynamic industry.
Priya Sharma
Ethical Hacker
I'm beyond impressed with the quality of education I received at Cyber Security. The Ethical Hacking course in Hyderabad exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful for the personalized attention I received from the instructors. Definitely worth every penny!
Aaditya Billori
Ethical Hacker
Cyber Security Ethical Hacking course in Hyderabad is a must for anyone serious about a career in cyber security. The curriculum is comprehensive, and the hands-on labs provided real-world experience. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from industry experts.
Rajesh Kumar
Ethical Hacker
I can't recommend Cyber Securities Ethical Hacking training enough. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the course. Thanks to their guidance, I feel confident in my ability to pursue a successful career in cyber security.
Suhas Varma
Ethical Hacker

Market Trend In Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking holds a 41.37% market share overall

Cyber Security

Ethical hacking is experiencing a surge in demand as organizations prioritize cyber security measures to protect against evolving cyber threats.

Job placement assistance and career guidance

The market for ethical hacking skills is growing rapidly, driven by increasing incidents of cyber attacks and data breaches across industries.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

Professionals with ethical hacking expertise are highly sought after, with job roles ranging from penetration testers to cyber security consultants.

Best Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad

There is a significant gap between the demand for cyber security professionals and the available talent pool, leading to lucrative career opportunities in ethical hacking.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Companies are investing more in cyber security training and certification programs to ensure their workforce is equipped to handle emerging cyber threats.

Best Ethical Hacking Training in Hyderabad

Ethical hacking skills are not only valued in the corporate sector but also in government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations.


The rise of cloud computing, IoT, and mobile technologies has further increased the demand for ethical hackers to secure digital assets and networks.


As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, the need for skilled ethical hackers to detect and prevent security breaches is expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future.

Why Choose CSA For Ethical Hacking

Practical Project Work

Cyber Security integrates practical project work into its Ethical Hacking training in Hyderabad, enabling students to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Personalized Mentorship

Students receive personalized mentorship from industry experts, ensuring individualized attention and support throughout their Ethical Hacking training journey.

Continuous Skill Assessment

Students undergo continuous skill assessment and feedback to monitor their progress and address areas for improvement.

Limited Batches

Cyber Security limits the number of students per batch, ensuring personalized attention and support from instructors during the Ethical Hacking training program.

Extra Doubt Clearing Sessions

Cyber Security provides personalized one-on-one doubt clearing sessions where students can interact with instructors to address any queries or concerns they may have about the course material.

Job Placement Assistance

Cyber Security provides job placement assistance, including resume building workshops and interview preparation sessions, to help students secure positions in the cyber security field.

Group Discussion

Cyber Security facilitates live group discussion sessions, allowing students to engage with peers and trainers, share experiences, and discuss Ethical Hacking techniques and strategies.

Certification Exam Preparation

Cyber Security offers comprehensive exam preparation materials, mock tests, and practice sessions to prepare students for industry-recognized certifications such as CEH and OSCP.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Ethical Hacking course in Hyderabad typically lasts for 3-4 months, providing comprehensive training in cyber security and ethical hacking techniques.

There are no specific prerequisites for the Ethical Hacking course at Cyber Security However, basic computer knowledge is recommended to grasp the concepts effectively.
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Cyber Security , validating your skills and expertise in Ethical Hacking.
Classes for the Ethical Hacking course are typically held 5 days a week for full-time courses and weekend classes for working professionals, allowing students to balance their studies with other commitments.
Yes, Cyber Security offers flexible scheduling options, allowing students to pursue the Ethical Hacking course while working or studying.
Yes, you will have access to course materials and resources even after completing the Ethical Hacking course, enabling you to revisit and review the content as needed.
Yes, Cyber Security Academy provides practical hands-on experience through lab sessions and simulated exercises, allowing students to apply their Ethical Hacking skills in real-world scenarios.
Cyber Security offers job placement assistance, including resume building workshops, interview preparation sessions, and access to job listings in the cybersecurity industry.
Cyber Security has a refund policy in place. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on refund eligibility and procedures.
You can contact Cyber Security through contact details given in the website, and our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries regarding the Ethical Hacking course.

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